Friday, March 9, 2007

Jack vs. Chuck

It's quite clear that both Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris are forces that can't be stopped. That is, however, unless the awesome forces of fate somehow caused the two to meet in some sort of battle for ultimate supremacy. Of course, such a battle would have to be the result of diabolical forces manipulating the truth in an effort to rid the world of both Jack and Chuck.

In order for said battle to take place, the aforementioned diabolical forces would have to manipulate a situation in which both Jack and Chuck are under the impression they are working with pure intentions, when in fact they have been manipulated to destroy each other.

With much thought and careful consideration, the guys at Jack VS Chuck have painstakingly assembled the following scenario for how such an epic battle would unfold...

Click here for the rest of the story.

At this site you will also find a head-to-head overview, WWJBD? & WWCND? problem solving techniques, and a daily Jack/Chuck photograph for your viewing pleasure.

*WWJBD? = What Would Jack Bauer Do?
*WWCND? = What Would Chuck Norris Do?

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