Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Look! I See A Cutie!!!

Here are a few samples of some of the excellent photography taken by our good friend Matt Snyder.

We're definitely expecting more to come in the recent future. Thanks Matt!


Matt Snyder said...

Really, I hope you guys like 'em. Seriously be honest with me and let me know if they're ridiculously lame.

natalie said...

Hey! Haven't talked you since graduation, but I started seminary today and immediately started thinking of the last 3 years with everyone and realized since our Friends accounts are no longer active, I no longer know how to keep in touch with you, other than I remembered this "Chasing Lions" Blog I was sent back earlier this year! So glad to hear that you and Jess got engaged. I pray the best for you both! Tell Matt the pictures were awesome! Annyway gonna run for now, but my email is if you want to keep in touch.