Sunday, January 7, 2007

From the Suburb to the Seminary

You know, it doesn't seem like you've been traveling for 5 hours at a rate of speed somewhere close to 75mph across 3 states when you're sitting in the passenger seat of a 2004 Chevy Avalanche while listening to some sweet tunes on a radio transmitter and blogging on the the internet . . . all at the same time.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that the brothas and I are roadtrippin' to some of the sweetest seminaries in the southeast . . . dare I say . . . the world!!!

Here's the list:

Dallas Theological Seminary - Dallas, TX
George W. Truett Theological Seminary - Waco, TX
Reformed Theological Seminary - Jackson, MS
McAfee School of Theology - Atlanta, GA
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary - Louisville, KY

As soon as I get some pictures taken, you'll be able to fine them here: future seminarians.

Here's a little insider's peek into one of the day's conversation:

Josh: Hand me an apple.
(Josh is handed an apple)
Josh: Man, these apples sure are sweet.
Ryan: Them Japanese really know how to make them apples, these Fuji Apples are my favorite. The only problem is that they are too small.
Josh: Yeah, everything is smaller in Japan.
Jake: Everything looks smaller because we are in Texas.
Ryan: That's the biggest Dollar Tree store I've ever seen!
Josh: What's a Dollar Tree?
Ryan: It's a store where everything is a dollar.
Casey: It's a good thing you came on this trip Josh, you might end up learning something.
Josh: OK. Someone really did fart this time.
Casey: Yeah, sorry. That really was me. I was going to mention it earlier, but I was dumbfounded by Josh's Dollar Tree comment. STOP!
(Long Pause . . . )
Josh: What? You want us to listen to your fart?
Casey: No. I want to try and blog that entire conversation.

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Anonymous said...

Don't get lost in the big boys, don't forget to swing north and visit NABS!